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Performance creator

Our workshop in Montardon, Pyrenées Alantiques

In 2012, Kiwami built its new headquarters in South West France in the heart of the Pyrenees. From design to marketing to manufacturing Kiwami manages the entire process

Developpement & Design

Kiwami's products are designed and developed in-house. The team of modellers works closely with professional and amateur teams to create new, innovative products that combine technicality, originality and aesthetics.


Kiwami has internal production tools for sublimation. This know-how allows unlimited creativity in the choice of design, colors and fabrics. Indispensable, it facilitates the daily development of new products. Thanks to the sublimation technique, we offer customers more customization and a rigorous quality control.

Manufacturing workshop

Kiwami's seamstress team is qualified, experienced and also passionate about their work. They are responsible for selecting the best fabrics and raw materials for all Kiwami products. They control the quality of the products and ensure that the outfits meet your expectations for performance and comfort.

Kiwami's helpdesk

Kiwami's helpdesk is provided by the sales team, who can be reached by telephone and e-mail. Kiwami takes care of orders, from reception to delivery and ensures the complete satisfaction of its customers.

Innovation Made in South West

★ ★ ★ ★ 

" Our manufacturing workshop allows us to be exceptionally reactiv between the model creation and its realization. Are validated only the most innovative and most aesthetic models. "

Hélène SALOMON and Craig WATSON

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