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Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the best equipment to achieve your goals ? Our experts offer the best equipment for triathlon, trail-running, swimming and cycling.

Trisuits, triathlon and trail outfit| Kiwami, the leading French triathlon brand

With more than 15 years of expertise in design and triathlon clothing manufacturing, Kiwami offers highly technical and high performance sportswear for professional and amateur triathletes.

Tri Elite

A highly technical premium collection using targeted compression technologies, the elite SPIDER collection offers the best performing triathlon kit on the market outifitting the world's best triathletes, from the Olympic distance to Ironman®.

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Tri Competitor

A performing, designed and aesthetic triathlon trisuit range  for experienced and pasionate triathletes who want to improve their results. The TOKYO range offers a remarkable comfort and technicity for all triathletes who wish to perform to the best of their ability.

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Tri Challenger

A versatile range product ideal for casual triathletes. The PRIMA 2 collection combines all the assets that triathletes need: comfort, fast drying, durability and UV protection. Prima 2 products are aimed at triathletes looking for the best entry level product available on the market.

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Why choose Kiwami race wear ?

Much more than a clothing brand, Kiwami is the benchmark for high-performance textiles in the world of triathlon. Thanks to the high technicality of the outfits, the uniqueness of their design and their customization services. Kiwami prides itself in equipping the most demanding sports people.

The workshop

The culture of excellence combined with the expertise developed in its workshop in France makes Kiwami the preferred brand of triathletes in search of performance.

"You Race We Care"

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Custom club kit

Manufacturing your personalized club tri suits and kit is our job. Benefit from our textile and graphic design expertise and the reactivity of our customer service to entrust us with the developpment of your custom team wear.

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Kiwami's spirit

Since 2003, Kiwami is driven by the notion of excellence, performance and innovation to support all triathletes, whatever their level, towards their sporting and personal goals. Re-live the great dates that have marked Kiwami's history since its inception 15 years ago.

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