The first sleeved swimskin.


Kiwami Aquarush is the first sleeved swimskin, a brand new concept for open water swim and swimrun races.


The Kiwami AQUARUSH is a new-concept swimskin designed to maximize open water swimming performance. In 2015 Kiwami's renowned R&D team were challenged to design a suit to maximise open water swimming performance. Unwilling to make "just another swimskin", they spent 15 months assessing ideas, inventing, testing, modifying and re-testing prototypes. Final field tests were made by athletes who each wore the same prototype model to personal best swim times at the 2016 Ironman® World Championships. Further in-house pool testing of the same model found average gains of 5.75 sec per 100m compared to a standard swim brief. The model was validated and the AQUARUSH was born. The AQUARUSH, is the new "must" for triathlon, swim-run and open-water swimming events. Choose the AQUARUSH to benefit from Kiwami's expertise, improve your swim times and Feel the Performance.


Made with the worlds best high-tech water repellent compression fabrics; Double layered fabric on the torso and quads improves body position, increases buoyancy, hydrodynamics and speed; Increased thermal protection due to sleeves and double layered fabric on the torso and quads. Elbow-length sleeves allow athletes to wear a sleeved trisuit under the AQUARUSH without compromising swim speed; Eye-catching sleeve design for fast and easy recognized from the shore; Reverse back zipper ensures the suit doesn't open up while swimming; Flatlock seams maximize the strength, durability and longevity of the suit; Average time gains of 5.75 sec per 100m compared to a standard swim brief (Kiwami pool testing, Pau, France December 2016); The AQUARUSH is approved by WTC and USAT for use in non-wetsuit swims.

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